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Summer is here which means BBQ season is in full swing. These BBQ hacks will make you a grill master in no time!

  • Use muffin trays for condiments so you don’t need to bring out all your condiment bottles.
  • Place a sprig of rosemary on your skewers. This will add extra flavour as they sizzle away on the grill.
  • When grilling fish, place a lemon underneath to keep it from sticking, this will also keep it juicy and delicious!
  • Clean the grill with an onion on a fork. When used on a HOT grill, it cuts right through grease and grime.
  • Slice some lemons and roast them lightly on the grill until the acid in them helps them smoke. Then, use these lemons in your traditional lemonade recipe to give it some smokiness. 
  • Make your own pizza oven and make gourmet pizzas right in your backyard. Place a small pizza stone on your BBQ and make pizzas right on the grill! Watch out Jamie Oliver, there’s a new chef in town!
  • Place cloves in a cut lemon to keep mosquitos away.

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